Members, Readers, and Lurkers alike:

Here is your chance to get two free tickets to the Home Opener vs. the Denver Broncos!

SEPTEMBER 11, 2005
1:00 PM EST

FinHeaven has two tickets and they can be yours*!

Here is what you have to do...
Submit us a picture of yourself showing us how much you love FinHeaven. Be creative!!! Remember, it's a photo of how much you love FINHEAVEN, not so much the Dolphins, but being that the Dolphins are what we are all about, you may include it in that theme!

If you submitted something for the prior FinHeaven Contest, please submit again!

Go nuts... except keep it TOS friendly. Submissions** will be posted in the main forum section of for the fans to see just how dedicated you are!

Any photos that are not within TOS will be deleted and the user will not be allowed to win the contest.

We will contact the winner by either PM or e-mail, so be sure to be on alert at both places (if applicable) to find out if you won. Winner will also be posted in this thread. The tickets will then be mailed via UPS to your location.

Submissions can be done in one of two ways. If you are a registered member, you can host/attach your photo to this thread (prefered). If you are a lurker (please, sign up and come talk with us!), you may e-mail your submission to Please allow a few hours for email submissions.

The Deadline is set for SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 4 at 10:00PM EST. However, please get your submissions in as soon as possible.

If you have any questions please PM myself, Muck, or TerryTate. You may also send an e-mail to

* Tickets are yours, transportation is not. If you can't get to the game on September 11, 2005, please don't participate in this contest. Thank you. :cool:

** Staff is prohibited from participating in this contest. FinHeaven Premium and VIP members may participate!


Ticket Information:

Section 454
Row 13
Seats 17-18


Just so everyone knows, if you submit a photo via email we have a right to post it online. If you wish for us to blur out your face or something, just state that in the email and we'll gladly do that for you.