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The regular season is finally here, and that means it is time for The Blitz Report, brought to you by and The show set all sorts of new records and had a successful inaugural run on Finheaven and Co. despite the poor production from the Dolphins in 2004. Now there is new reason for optimism and for people to tune in and talk about what is going on with the Dolphins as well as the NFL. We're looking forward to breaking down the matchup between the Dolphins and the Broncos and the rest of the opening weekend

Join Matt Brodsky and resident homer Drew Lipson tonight and every Tuesday from 10 pm to Midnight EST. The show feeds off of audience participation with phone calls preferred. Call the show at 407-823-4585 or IM the show at KnightcastDJ

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Let us know in this thread if you will be listening to the show tonight!!! Let's break the century mark on listenership! I know we can do it!

-Matt (TerryTate)