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Thread: I was at the Cane game...

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    I was at the Cane game...

    I never seen that place so hyped up for a game that I have been to .Too bad Im not a Canes fan and what a game it was.I was thinking it was over for the canes when Pitt when up with 2 minutes left(I was celebrating a little too early).I tought Pitt had a chance to actuallly go into half leading since their defense was dominating the Canes Offense but McGahee is one hell of a player and he is going to be a stud Running in the NFL.I was dissapointed at the outcome because Pitts really outplayed the Canes but big plays kill pitt.I see an upset coming when U.M travels to Syracuse ...
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    I hope you're right.
    "On the run from Johnny Law, ain't no trip to Cleveland."
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