For all of the fans who I have argued with about...

1. Our offensive line
2. Our defense choking
3. Gus Frerotte
4. Marty Booker

EAT YOUR CROW! The offensive line was outstanding despite idiot penalties (something alot of conditioning will fix :evil.

Our defense was clutch the whole time, goal-line stands, and a huge finish with the TD.

Gus Frerotte was a monster today. His numbers are pro-bowl material, and he moved around well. He was able to make terrific passes, and get the ball off when under pressure.

Marty Booker was easily a big player today.

On a side note... Chambers was in bounds on his TD reception, and he didn't step out of bounds on the reverse! Chambers also did not have pocession of the ball on hsi fumble earlier in the game. He played alot better than the numbers say.