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Thread: Eat Crow!

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryFinFan
    I guess I can add one more thing, after reading the Denver post article...they didn't have their top CBs in the game after Bailey went down and they only dressed two RBs..(I don't understand that move at all) and Anderson was hurt early...BTW, he is the type of back that has given the Fins a hard time in the past, but was ineffective when he was in there early...So, how does Gus' performance really look ??

    excuses. Gus was hitting recievers in the first half just as much as in the second. Its not Gus' fault that the broncos cant handle the Miami Heat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 4evaFinz
    For all of the fans who I have argued with about...

    1. Our offensive line
    2. Our defense choking
    3. Gus Frerotte
    4. Marty Booker

    EAT YOUR CROW! The offensive line was outstanding despite idiot penalties (something alot of conditioning will fix :evil.

    Our defense was clutch the whole time, goal-line stands, and a huge finish with the TD.

    Gus Frerotte was a monster today. His numbers are pro-bowl material, and he moved around well. He was able to make terrific passes, and get the ball off when under pressure.

    Marty Booker was easily a big player today.

    On a side note... Chambers was in bounds on his TD reception, and he didn't step out of bounds on the reverse! Chambers also did not have pocession of the ball on hsi fumble earlier in the game. He played alot better than the numbers say.
    Dude, you are way premature. I don't know if you and I had any discussions about these points but I can tell you this:

    1. OLine only allowed Brown 59 yards rushing on 22 attempts. That is not great.
    2. Gus had a good game. However, he did do most of his damage after the Denver secondary was decimated with injuries. By the third quarter they were playing the safety at corner and did not even have enough DBs to play nickle coverage. I am not taking away from Gus, I said he had a good game. But a little luck doesn't hurt!
    3. The D was stellar. No problems here with you thumping your chest about that one. I fyou said they were going to be awesome, then you were right.

    Finally, it is one game in a very long season. I would be very careful because crow can be served both ways.

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