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Thread: Hello fellow Fin fans!

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    Hello fellow Fin fans!

    I'd like to introduce myself to the board. I have posted a few messages but mainly read interesting posts almost every day and usually visit the board more than a few times a day.

    I try to watch every game I can but since I'm from middle Michigan and only have cable TV I can't see as many games as I would like to. So on Sundays I usually make my way to my local sports bar (which is actually about 20 miles away) to watch the Fins play. Note: Last week I had the privledge to watch the game along with some faithful Bronco fans who live up here. Guess who left happy after the game!

    Been following the team since 1994 and I think this is as excited I've been in a long time about the direction the team is going.

    I think Nick Saban and his staff will do a excellent job and I'm looking forward to reading your insight and hopefully adding some of my own.

    BTW I'm 25 years old and visit Florida frequently to see relatives in the Orlando area. I've never been to a Miami game in Miami but I'm really interested in doing that.

    Last time I saw the team live was at the Silverdome in Detroit back in 2001 when it was 14-0 Miami before I even reached my seat.

    So in closing it's nice to have found this site and I wish I would have sooner!

    Take care and LETS GO FINS!!!!!

    Best regards!

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