Alright posters,

I know we're all so eager to post the latest and greatest idea that pops into our head and IMMEDIATELY post it on FinHeaven, but please... for the sake of the site and the Miami Dolphins... take a minute or two and THINK!

After the Jets game, I understand that many people here are upset and are calling players out or whatever. This is a Miami Dolphins forum and is in existance for you to talk about the Miami Dolphins and other things in that respective forum.

However, these junky, worthless threads and posts will not be tolerated. I've seen posts that say "Dan Marino was a bust" with a "j/k" as the post content. I understand that you may think Ronnie Brown stinks, but please join the thread that has already been created to discuss that topic.

So, the basis of this post is basically this:

  • THINK before you post a new thread or reply
  • LOOK for a thread that has been created to see if it's similar to the one you are thinking about. If it has been created, reply to that thread. Do not create a new thread - it will be merged!
  • THINK again before you post - does it really need a thread...?
Members that seemingly make a conscious effort to lower the quality of FinHeaven & Co will be warned and possibly banned.

Lastly, I want to make it clear that I am not, in any way, saying that "negative threads" aren't worthy or shouldn't be posted. Negative posts contribute to the forums, however, there is a borderline. "I believe the Dolphins won't do well... here is why [with a few validating examples]" is better than "WE SUCK! #@$#@()$&*@&$)@".

We are not interested in restricting your posting of what you legitimately and honestly think or feel about our team. However, we also have a responsibility to this site and its members to maintain an acceptable level of quality. We feel that this level has been lowered recently, sometimes through simple lack of courtesy, sometimes deliberately and by design.

In any case, difficult as it is, a distinction must be drawn, and we will do it to keep this site the best Miami Dolphins fan site out there. Feel free to PM us (FinHeavenAJ, Muck, WharfRat) your constructive thoughts regarding our efforts, but please know that we are resolved to improve the site and will do our best to accomplish that.